Talks & Keynotes Amsterdam + Online


28 — 30 10 2021

Session #1 — Mutant Making: Saša Spačal & Orit Halpern

Artistic operations in more-than-human metabolisms

Apart of the FIBER festival, Orit discussed that in order to envisage a future that doesn’t centre humankind, but instead values a thriving web of planetary interrelations between human and non-human bodies, our understanding of living and autonomous systems has to be developed in new ways. Get to know the artist-scientists whose artistic work captures the otherworldly workings of living and self-learning systems.

FIBER is an Amsterdam based festival that showcases contemporary digital culture, audiovisual art, speculative design and forward thinking music culture to enhance other worldviews. We provide a meeting place for fans and creators of groundbreaking digital art and performances.

Through the lens of the arts, our events reflect upon the ever shifting impact of technology on society and the environment. We explore these topics collectively through lectures, installation art, performances and by learning from pioneering creative making-processes.

FIBER 2021 preludes a regular festival edition in May 2022. With the new multi-year theme ‘Mutation’, the programme will explore the (in)ability to shapeshift into new ways of being. Mutation can be seen as an unwanted development but might also present opportunities to change habits and minds.

The once-established social binaries to categorise the world must give way to new fusions. Mutation could provide us with both speculative and actionable manners of moving towards a new existence. We do not start from a trans-human approach but we look at ways to open up to more-than-human futures, rooted in an ecological reality.