Kristina Ceus


Concordia University

Kristina holds a B.A. Specialization in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal and she is completing a master’s in Industrial Relations at the University of Montréal.

She has experience as a research assistant examining current practices of speculative design from a critical standpoint under the supervision of Dr. Halpern at the Research for Ethical Speculative Design Lab at Concordia University. By taking an interdisciplinary approach to environmental management, synthetic biology, food systems, artificial intelligence, and climactic media, she hopes to contribute to a more equitable and balanced future. She also volunteered at the Clinical Psychology, Culture, Health and Personality Lab at Concordia University. She will be completing her Honours thesis there during the 2021-22 academic year, examining psychological distress and perception in a cross-cultural setting.
During Winter 2021, she was part of the student committee at the neuropsychology department of the Montreal West CLSSD, supervised by the clinic’s licensed psychologists.
Lastly, she completed her undergraduate thesis on the mental health of the BIPOC community in the Clinical Psychology, Culture, Health and Personality Lab at Concordia University under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Ryder. She has had an eclectic pre-university education, with a focus on philosophy, literature, history and cinema; so she always takes an interdisciplinary approach to the world and to solving issues, through which she learned the benefit of examining multiple perspectives to develop well-rounded solutions to many modern issues.